Mudderella: The NEW Mud Race for Her

MudderellaLast week marked the first ever Mudderella event; a 6 miles long obstacle course featuring 15 challenges! The event, which is designed for women kicked off in Tamiment, Pennsylvania in the Poconos. With start times every 20 minutes, my team amped up with fake tattoos, purple face paint, and some instructional stretching all compliments of the course prior to the motivational speech at the start line by the Mudderella crew.

Having done ToughMudder in the past, which was created by the same group as Mudderella, the principles are much the same. It’s all about coming together, team work, pushing your boundaries and embracing the truths that you’re stronger then you think. However, the adrenaline and charge I got in myself during ToughMudder didn’t carry through in Mudderella. IMG_3045For Mudderella it’s more about endurance and being able to run — and trail run with high inclines at that — then about the actual obstacles. Don’t worry about those, if you’ve ever been to a kids jungle gym or done a field day in middle school and don’t have a fear of mud, you can handle the obstacles. So train for running if you plan on signing up for Mudderella, because that’s the true challenging part of this race. Sure, you can lend a hand here or a boost there for the sake of teamwork, but ultimately the detriment to the race is being able to handle the 5.75 miles of running it takes — which is what really challenged me!IMG_3046ToughMudder on the other hand tests your mind and spirit. The obstacles are very challenging and really require teamwork and the adrenaline and sense of accomplishment when you make it through one is exhilarating. It’s what makes ToughMudder so great but also intimidating. Mudderella on the other hand, doesn’t carry that same fear. It’s the perfect course if you just want to be in a group of your gal pals,  have some fun and enjoy a memorable day outside. While it isn’t intimidating, I do keep going back to this is all about being able to run; since for me personally, this made this race ten times harder for me than ToughMudder.IMG_2871The best part is when you cross the finish line, you will receive a Mudderella sport band, t-shirt and a cider beer to cheers your accomplishment with your friends. Participants can then spend time after they complete the course at Rinse + Revive, which includes showers, food, music and entertainment. Other perk, unlike ToughMudder I was able to revive my Brooks PureProject sneakers after the race — double win!

Launching in various locations across the U.S., Mudderella registration is now open. Learn more at

ABOUT MUDDERELLA: Mudderella, LLC was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY.  Mudderella events are obstacle course challenges that empower women to own their strength, work together, and have fun. Participants are encouraged to “Own Your Strong” as they take on 12 -15 obstacles testing balance, strength, agility, endurance, willpower and overall fitness while encouraging teamwork and fun across a 5-7 mile long course.  Mudderella believes in three truths: 1) You are stronger than you think you are, 2) There is more to life than going to the gym and 3) You deserve an awesome experience. To learn more and for a schedule of dates and locations, visit

Mudderella promotes individuals coming together to overcome obstacles and have fun at the same time. It’s also about supporting those who deal with very real obstacles on a day-to-day basis.  Mudderella is honored to support Futures Without Violence, a national nonprofit that aims to prevent and end domestic violence by standing with survivors and developing innovative programs and policies that engage new allies as partners in the solution. By raising awareness and funds for this organization, Mudderella strives to make a real difference in many peoples’ lives.

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary press pass to test this course out. Impressions are my own}