Sun, Sand, Sandals: How to Stay Cool at the Beach

beach essentials

While you should never literally soak up the sun (at least not without a wide-brimmed hat and a minimum of SPF30), I can certainly understand wanting to spend every free minute at the beach. Personally, you can’t keep me away. Between the Hamptons, Rockaways and my upcoming trip to Costa Rica, I live for the weekends and my time by the water. When packing for the beach we start with the obvious: swimsuit, cover-up and wide-brim hat, flip-flops, towel(s) and/or something to lie on, beach bag, broad-spectrum sunscreen (with UVA/UVB protection), and of course sunnies.

Then comes the reading materials and music list, or beach games if you’re feeling especially sporty. If the humidity is getting to you here are some tips to help keep you looking fresh and refreshed throughout the day:

1. Waterproof or resistant makeup – from waterproof mascara to eye pencils, having smudge-proof makeup that won’t move in or outside the water is one less thing to worry about.

2. Lip stains – I always suggest a lipstain under your gloss or lipstick (or even more ideal, SPF chapstick!). This way once that top layer rubs off you still have the beautiful (what? this isn’t my natural lip color?) lip tint underneath.

3. Facial sprays + toners – A face spray is an excellent way to add some extra moisture to your skin and keep you refreshed. I compulsively spray them on my face and behind my neck to cool down.

4. Hair up! – try a chic bun or braid to keep your hair off your shoulders.

5. Don’t be weighed down – opt for lighter jewelry (if any) and fabrics that aren’t too heavy. And you know the saying: black clothes absorb the sun, white reflects it.

6. Stay hydrated (and caffeinated) – Water and cold beverages are a must to keep you cool. If the sun tends to knock you out, (it does for me), Starbucks bottled iced coffee’s are a great pick-me-up that’s ultra refreshing. TIP: If you prefer your iced coffee less sweet, take 25 – 50% of the iced coffee out and pour into a different bottle or cup and then fill the remaining content of both bottle with fresh brewed Starbuck’s coffee and fridge for about an hour before heading out. Not only does it make it less sweet, but also doubles the serving so your date gets one too!


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{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, produced in collaboration with Glam and Starbucks. I received a Starbucks Iced Coffee sample to review. The opinions shared in this post are my own.}