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Sun, Sand, Sandals: How to Stay Cool at the Beach

beach essentials

While you should never literally soak up the sun (at least not without a wide-brimmed hat and a minimum of SPF30), I can certainly understand wanting to spend every free minute at the beach. Personally, you can’t keep me away. Between the Hamptons, Rockaways and my upcoming trip to Costa Rica, I live for the weekends and my time by the water. When packing for the beach we start with the obvious: swimsuit, cover-up and wide-brim hat, flip-flops, towel(s) and/or something to lie on, beach bag, broad-spectrum sunscreen (with UVA/UVB protection), and of course sunnies.

Then comes the reading materials and music list, or beach games if you’re feeling especially sporty. If the humidity is getting to you here are some tips to help keep you looking fresh and refreshed throughout the day: