Sarah Kugelman’s 8 Tips to help combat stressed skin

Skyn Iceland

Stressed skin is a topic we can’t seem to escape and a trend we’re seeing skincare brands now address. And a woman who’s no stranger to this topic, Sarah Kugelman, a true pioneer in helping women combat their effects and the founder of the skincare line, skyn Iceland (which is formulated to absolve the stress from your skin) has shared her best summer de-stress tips with us!

You may be thinking, what’s stressful about summer? Where to begin… High heat and humidity. Being stuck in the city all weekend with your makeup melting off, sweaty crowds, ouchy sunburn. The intimidation of the ‘bikini’ body… (our list only goes on from there). Earlier this month I hosted an event with Sarah Kugelman and the Skyn Iceland team appropriately themed, Slow Down and Cool Down sharing Skyn’s Tips for a more relaxing summer. Take note!

 1. Skin Superfoods: When you are stressed and overheated your body craves ‘skin vital’ potassium. Seek out foods high in potassium like sweet potatoes, bananas, or raisins.

2. Make Plans With Yourself: Everyone’s out of town. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, head home and plan some “me time.” Light a candle, rent a movie, have a glass of wine and relax!

3. More Vitamin D, Better ZZ’s: Low levels of vitamin D disrupt your sleep cycle and leave you feeling groggy. Make sure you get your 15 minutes of sun a day to boost skin’s vitamin D levels so you feel more energized. (Don’t forget your SPF!)

4. Sun Burn?: Avoid direct sun from 12 pm to 3 pm, but if you accidentally get a little too much, treat skin with cold compresses, pure aloe vera gel and use Skyn’s Antidote Daily Cooling Lotion to get the sting out.

5. Winter lbs = Summer Stress: Maybe your New Year’s resolution wasn’t as successful as you had planned. Don’t stress and embrace your body, because confidence is sexier than any bikini.

6. Tweet It, Don’t Eat It: In a recent study those trying to shed weight were more successful when sharing their journey through social media. So tweet us and let’s inspire each other to be more healthy and stress-free!

7. Fresh Instead of Fast: A recent study proved that if you eat fast food three times a week or more you were 27% more likely to develop skin conditions such as eczema. Swap those quick eats for seasonal summer fruits like berries, watermelon and mango to protect your skin.

8.  Stay cool under the covers: It has been proven that a slightly lower body temperature insures for a deep restful sleep. Opt for breathable cotton sheets and fill standard hot water bottle with ice water to stick in you sheets for those especially hot summer nights.