More Than Meets the Eye with Fuze

This week, you may have noticed on Instagram I was tagging my adventures and favorite places using the hashtag #FUZENation. In partnership with Fuze Teas and Glam, the duo teamed up to celebrate individuals and the layers that make us who we are. My obvious label: fashion and beauty expert or blogger; however that’s only one part of my ever-curious, adventure-seeking personality.

Lara Eurdolian Instagram

[Images from Instagram: FUZE Tea, ping-pong at SPiN, Per Se (finally I made it!), DIY night (bracelets and head-bands), Long-boarding, Beach trip, Tommy Bahama restaurant (bc it’s always a challenge to find a good business meetings spot that also has good food in Midtown…)]

I would also label myself as a closet DIY-er, wannabe runner and long-boarder, art lover, outdoors-woman, beach seeker, table tennis enthusiast (I’m SPiN New York’s #1 member), fantastic rummy and backgammon player and definite foodie. I’m also a bit of a townie…

The Waterfront in LIC
Perfect reading spot: The Waterfront in LIC

Having moved from Chelsea to Williamsburg, to prime Long Island City (LIC) real estate I can look back on my decade plus in NYC and attribute my different addresses to perfectly match my personality for the time. Chelsea was during my college days at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Williamsburg my cool or hip days; I worked at NARS, was artsy and lived in a converted belt factory loft – which many know as the “Mini Mall” on North 5th and Bedford in Brooklyn. Living in Williamsburg during the first (or maybe second) hipster movement when Manhattanites used to ask me if that was in Virginia more times then not when referring to where I lived was a priceless time…

Now the Brooklyn hotspot carries no confusion, but Long Island City (LIC), grants that same look of confusion when I clarify that it’s in Queens, not Long Island and does not require the LIRR to get to. To clarify my location could not be more prime, or easier to get to by public transportation to the city. Similar to Williamsburg, I’m on the first subway stop from the city, only instead of being on the L Train parallel to 14th Street, I’m on the 7 train, which rides along 42nd street. Door to door I can be in Grand Central in less than 10 minutes (I’ve made it in 5min) and roughly 15 minutes to Times Square allowing me to transfer to virtually any subway line with total convenience. In addition to being so close, my area of LIC is one of the safest, prettiest neighborhoods combining all that you’d love about the Upper East Side and Park Slope (mainly how clean the areas are and the high population of dogs and families), only more condensed and without the longer commute times to central Manhattan (west and east). As someone who’s always zipping in and out of the city for meetings and events, I need a location that’s close but with more space and less congestion so I can hear myself think (and write).  It’s a hidden gem in and of itself, especially since I live with my boyfriend and am considerably more domesticated. LIC is filled with special and unique finds all around the neighborhood.

Some of my favorite summer spots include the:

LIC waterfront aka Gantry Plaza State Park – which affords a perfect view of the city and prime area for reading, picnicking and general outdoor relaxation.

Sweetleaf – The coffee and espresso bar originated on Jackson Avenue, and now opened it’s 2nd location a few blocks away on Center Boulevard. The coffee is prime at both locations but the new one is better for 3 reasons: it’s larger, accepts credit cards and serves alcohol. When I need to get out of the apartment this is my favorite internet cafe to work out of.

Pulaski Bridge – It’s only about a half mile long, but this little bridge connects LIC to Greenpoint (Queens to Brooklyn) and is a great for a quick run, walk, or bike ride with perfect city views. Plus having Greenpoint/Williamsburg in your backyard is pretty wonderful.

LIC Flea & Food – Now in it’s second weekend this outdoor clothing, food, art… fair is open on Saturdays and Sundays.

MoMA PS1 – MoMA’s extension museum (free to LIC residents) filled with great exhibitions and events and home of the infamous summer Warm Up parties – which starts next weekend!

5 Pointz – Directly across from PS1, the internationally recognized outdoor art exhibit space is considered to be world’s premier “graffiti Mecca” and is definitely a site to be seen for any art/graffiti enthusiasts.

I generally post from events and share fashion and beauty finds on my instagram page so it was an enjoyable adventure tagging both my LIC and NYC favorite spots and my hidden talents. Fuze is perfect for anyone on the go and combines Iced tea, natural fruit flavors and vitamins B6 & B12 — which is great for me since I’m a vegetarian. And having stacked my bag with FUZE® iced tea this week, I can tell you that their Strawberry Red Tea flavor is unequivocally my favorite. If you love your iced tea sweet and concentrated then it’s the ultimate in refreshing beverages. If you’re less of a sweet person, like me, then opt for a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio mixing it with water. It holds the flavor but defuses the intensity depending on your taste preference.
FUZE is a refreshing combination of Iced tea, natural fruit flavors and vitamins B6 and B12. It’s a perfect mix of ingredients, just like you. FUZE. Never just one thing.

{Disclosure: Compensation was provided by FUZE via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of FUZE.}