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More Than Meets the Eye with Fuze

This week, you may have noticed on Instagram I was tagging my adventures and favorite places using the hashtag #FUZENation. In partnership with Fuze Teas and Glam, the duo teamed up to celebrate individuals and the layers that make us who we are. My obvious label: fashion and beauty expert or blogger; however that’s only one part of my ever-curious, adventure-seeking personality.

Lara Eurdolian Instagram

[Images from Instagram: FUZE Tea, ping-pong at SPiN, Per Se (finally I made it!), DIY night (bracelets and head-bands), Long-boarding, Beach trip, Tommy Bahama restaurant (bc it’s always a challenge to find a good business meetings spot that also has good food in Midtown…)]

I would also label myself as a closet DIY-er, wannabe runner and long-boarder, art lover, outdoors-woman, beach seeker, table tennis enthusiast (I’m SPiN New York’s #1 member), fantastic rummy and backgammon player and definite foodie. I’m also a bit of a townie…