Birchbox Busts SPF Myths with Supergoop! Founder Holly Thaggard

Ask me my #1 beauty, skincare, or anti-aging tip and it will always be wear SPF. But all sunscreens are not created equal and with all the confusing information out there, Birchbox has busted through some common SPF myths with the help of SPF expert and founder of Supergoop!® Holly Thaggard. Hear what she has to say and how you can stay safe this spring from UV rays.

Myth 1: All Sunscreen Ingredients are Created Equal. False!

Ingredients to Avoid: Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Fragrance, Mineral Oils

Ingredients to look for: Titanium dioxide + zinc, Avobenzone + octocrylene,

Myth #2: Water-resistance is always better. False!

Of course use water-resistant sunscreen if partaking in water activities.  For day to day sunscreens and ones you wear under your make up you opt for non-water resistant products that is absorb instantly into the skin.

Myth #3: Never use sunscreen around your eyes.

The skin around the eye is delicate and prone to aging and wrinkles so SPF protection is a must. However, since it is a sensitive area look for ophthalmologist tested products with natural oat peptides which help to boost collagen. 

Myth #4: UVA & UVB are the only rays you have to worry about: 

UVA/UVB are definitely something to worry about but you should also watch out for infrared rays which are attributed to aging and can cause cancer.  Antioxidants ingredients are key to help neutralize these free radicals.

Myth #5: Sunscreens last forever:

False, they do have an expiration date and fungus and bacteria can grow in the sunscreen over time.  As a general rule, sunscreens has a 2 years shelf life from the time it was packaged (not purchased), so be sure to check the label for the expiration date.

Don’t forget to apply daily and watch the full video for more details!