Clear(ly) worth a try!


Who doesn’t want stronger more beautiful hair?  Better yet stronger more beautiful hair for FREE! What if  you’ve been working at the wrong end of hair for years ? Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy™ is challenging you to start working at the right end – the scalp (for free, keep reading…).  Clear goes deeper to nourish the scalp with Nutrium10 – a rich blend of 10 vitamins and nutrients.  This creates the right foundation for strong beautiful hair from root to tip.

I’ll be frank for something with such large claims and such mass packaging (it doesn’t exactly scream luxurious), I wasn’t expecting such an incredible results. (Did I mention it’s only $4.99 for the shampoo and $5.99  for the conditioner?)  Within the first try I noticed less frizz and my hair feeling very nourished and hydrated. I’m not sure what it will do for you oily/thin hair types but if you struggle with frizz or dry hair, try this line.  No time like the present! For a limited time you can sign up to take the 7-Day Scalp & Hair Challenge and get a FREE supply!

Now is the time!  Click here to enjoy your journey to stronger, more beautiful hair in 7 days. Let us know how it goes!