Hilaria Baldwin Partners With PETA to Launch Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Shopping Guide

Entrepreneur, yoga instructor, Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (or as the press likes to call her, Alec Badlwin‘s wife) has teamed up with PETA to to be the face of their first-ever Global Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Shopping Guide. The guide will be the most up-to-date resource for customers who want to buy cosmetics and other products that are not tested on animals anywhere in the world.

Hilaria hosted an event earlier today at The Body Shop in Rockefeller Center to celebrate the launch of the guide, which is designed to help consumers who want to buy products that are not tested on animals the access and knowledge of which brands are truly cruelty-free.

“Since the 1980s, ‘cruelty-free’ has become a mark of distinction for cosmetics companies,” says Hilaria. “But as these companies head into China, the matter gets complicated because Chinese law actually requires animal testing. This is why this year’s edition of the Cruelty-Free Shopping Guideis essential for anyone like me: someone who cares about looking good, but not at the expense of animals.”

{Part of Hilaria’s speech from earlier today}

When interviewing Hilaria, I could not resist but ask her favorite beauty brands: “Urban Decay I’ve loved forever, their eyeshadows are absolutely incredible; they have the coolest colors. I was turned on to Aveda this past year and their skin and hair products are amazing. Paul Mitchell is great as well!”

In light of all the controversy in China’s requirement of animal testing, PETA has initiated a unique campaign to convince Chinese authorities to modernize their research methods. The group appealed to the Institute for In Vitro Science, Inc. (IIVS) to guide China to create a five-year plan to bring its regulations in line with EU standards (which outlaws animal testing) and funded grants that allowed IIVS to establish the first Chinese training laboratories for non-animal testing in conjunction with Beijing Technology and Business University and three other locations. These behind-the-scenes efforts have started to pay off, with China committing to begin non-animal testing methods within the next five years.

To receive the guide and learn more visit PETA.org