Zara Home now sold in the US!

So funny story… I was on a press trip in Poland last month and stumbled across a Zara Home store. I was so instantly obsessed and taken aback that I didn’t go in – why do that to myself; it’s not like I can shop the store or fit any home goods in my over-packed carry on luggage. Instead I just marveled at the window display – and tweeted a picture saying “please open in the US”, and what do you know, my wish came true!

{Zara Home Window Display in Warsaw, Poland}

This month Zara Home debuted in the US online! The product range features home textiles: bed, bath and table linens, in addition to select furniture, tableware, cutlery, and decorative accessories, including loungewear and gift items. While I usually think chic, classic black/white clothing for Zara, Zara Home is much more along the lines of what you’d see at Anthropology, cool patterns, and just a great mix of colors. Visitors to the site can shop the range of products in each of the four distinctive collections. Country, Ethnic, White and Contemporary.

{Anyone else ready for a home makeover?}

{They even have kids!}

There are currently no future plans for a physical Zara Home location in the near future. Until then… visit