More info released on CHANEL N°5 mens fragrance starring Brad Pitt #CHANELN5

We’re getting closer to solving the mystery that’s been surrounding the recent buzz around the new CHANEL No.5 mens fragrance. Last week, CHANEL released virtually no details surrounding the campaign except that Brad Pitt would be the face of the fragrance and with that there was a 7 second video with Brad saying: “What’s the mystery.” (You can see the video HERE). They also released a count down date of the 15th for more details — and what many of us hoped would be the launch date of the fragrance (although CHANEL would confirm nothing)

Well good new friends, it’s the 14th and CHANEL has shared with us the campaign and 30 second CHANEL No.5 film starring Brad Pitt. Check it:

I’m so confused by this fragrance! What is the male perspective on the most feminine fragrance of all time? Brad Pitt with long hair, a gotye, and dressed in a casual button-up shirt? I can maybe be sold if he was decked out in a perfectly fitted Chanel tux looking unbelievable sexy and mysterious while still coming off as dapper. But this ad and video looks closer to a Wrangler ad with the shirt unbuttoned and the chains of his necklaces showing… then what I would ever expect out of CHANEL. We’re not talking about any ol’ fragrance here, they’re launching the male version of CHANEL No.5, the best-selling and most famous fragrance in the world! I will say this, the bottle looks perfect. I can not wait to try it!

For Joe Wright, the director of the new advertising campaign for N°5, the scent is “a phenomenon that continues to invent and reinvent itself.” Case in point: the unexpected decision to sign Brad Pitt as the face of N°5. The actor follows in the footsteps of Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Candice Bergen, Catherine Deneuve, Lauren Hutton, Nicole Kidman and Audrey Tautou, and represents a first in the world of women’s fragrance, just as N°5 marked a first in 1921 with its radical and intoxicating mix of 80 ingredients.

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This video on the history of CHANEL No.5 is so insightful and cool, I had to share. It really is such an iconic fragrance.