Fendi Furnishes The Setai at 400 Fifth Avenue

You know the saying those who can’t do, teach? Well that’s kind of how I feel about my recent visit to the private residences at the Setai Fifth Avenue for the FENDI CASA in the Sky event. As in, I was in a gorgeous penthouse apartment on 400 Fifth Avenue, fully furnished in FENDI’s home collection: beds, carpets, chandeliers, tables, throws, pillows… EVERYTHING FENDI! So to tie this back to my analogy — those who don’t live here, pretend.

{Welcome to my home! Is it chilly in here? Excuse me while I put on a FENDI throw}

{My bedroom…}

{In all seriousness though, If I could own one piece it would be this cushion seat. Don’t we look happy together?}

The apartment, the furniture, the views… pure perfection. 60 floors up in the sky, touring the furnished penthouse apartment, with insane vantage points (I was eye level with the Empire State Building), panoramic views and floor-to-ceiling windows — it was luxury living at it’s finest. Too bad it’s out of my price range (although if it’s in yours the penthouse and furniture are available!).

{Every piece of furniture is FENDI CASA. I had no idea it was so extensive}

{Hello background view of the Chrysler building}

One day…