54 year old John Schaus was found deceased at the intersection

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Celine Luggage Tote Replica Fox Crossing Police say the man found dead in a ditch likely died from a medical condition or natural causes.”We are starting to think it may be a nasty fall or something natural and not so much from an accident or anything else Cheap Celine Handbags,” according to Fox Crossing community liaison officer Jason Weber. “Hoping that the toxicology comes back with something or his medical history yields a clue.”Police have ruled out a traffic crash. Toxicology results may not be available until February, and police are also waiting to acquire medical history records, according to Weber.The Fox Crossing Police Department says the autopsy for the body of a man found in a ditch has been completed, but results are inconclusive.54 year old John Schaus was found deceased at the intersection of Shady Lane and American Drive on Tuesday afternoon.Police say they still don have a definitive cause of death and they not ruling anything out in this case so far.Investigators are canvassing the area and trying to determine the time frame of when Schaus ended up in the ditch.At this point, police tell us they don have a definitive cause of death, and they not ruling anything out in this case so far.Meanwhile, those who knew Schaus on social media say he will be missed Celine Outlet, adding he could always make them smile. Celine Luggage Tote Replica

Celine Outlet Who is chief of the department Bureau of Patrol, said, review revealed that the facts of that investigation remained unchanged since it was initially investigated Cheap Celine Bags, and it will be closed shortly. Then about the delay in questioning the bulk of the witnesses, Brown would say only, as much as I at liberty to answer right now. Then, he and other police officials including Jody Weis, who quit as police superintendent on March 1, the same day the police closed the case, and Interim Supt Celine Outlet.