Redken introduces Chromatics and I get an Ombre!

How great is this color? Redken recently introduced a breakthrough for hair color with the launch of their new Chromatics service.

Generally, I find the words breakthrough to be overused in this industry (isn’t every brand claiming that when they launch something new?). However, this is the first color process I’ve experienced that uses oil! To be more exact it uses, ODS² (Oil Delivery System) + Protein Extract Technology, which envelopes hair in a layer of protective oil, while long-lasting color dyes and protein extracts are propelled deep into every strand. The result is hair that looks and feels stronger, with brilliant color and zero ammonia!

“So many of my clients stick to a strict 4-6 week schedule for coloring their hair.  With NEW Chromatics, they leave the salon with incredible color and fortified hair,” says David Stanko, Color Consultant for Redken.  “Chromatics is great for providing 100% gray coverage, conditioned high-shine color and rich even results from root to tip.”

While, I’m not one to color my hair, I curiosity got the better of me and I’ve been kicking around the idea of an ombre so I went for it. I arrived at Cutler’s uptown salon all nervous as though I was walking into surgery. My virgin hair about to be processed! I was so timid I asked for a very light ombre that I would be able to outgrow within a few haircuts.

While at the salon, I was scoping all my fellow bloggers hair (all of which we’re going for the full Chromatics experience). I saw a range of beautifully colored blondes through brunettes, all gushing over the treatment.

{Dream hair team at Cutler Salon}

It only took 3 hours and 4 men, but I got my color! And for anyone who’s hesitant to dye their whole hair or too lazy to deal with the maintenance, I highly recommend an ombre. I have no idea why I was so nervous now. I assume it’s like a tattoo (I don’t have one of those either), but once you start you want more. And the best part about an ombre is it’s expected to not be uniform so I don’t have to worry about it getting evened out. And even when my hair is up or curly, I love the hint of color that pops out.

{Messy, morning hair is so muh more fun with a little highlight!}

To locate a Redken salon, visit  If you’re in NYC, you should go to Cutler!