Dinner with Harry Josh + What’s NEW at John Frieda

Harry Josh showing off the models stunning hair color (John Frieda's Precision Foam Colour)

If ever a man that could get you excited about hair… it’s Harry Josh. Hair stylist to the stars including Gweneth Paltrow, Katy Perry and Rose Bryne (he’s responsible for that amazing bob we all drooled over at the SAG Awards), Harry Josh is also the International Creative Consultant for John Frieda. And I love that! It takes someone constantly working with different hair consistencies and styles to really get to know what’s lacking in the market place and what can be improved.

{Harry Josh and the John Frieda team present the new products at the blogger dinner}

So as part of a special celebratory dinner of their latest product launches, John Frieda & Harry Josh hosted an intimate dinner for myself and fellow bloggers. And without further ado, here’s what’s new at  John Frieda:

First up, Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution ($9.99):

For all of you looking for a lightweight frizz reducer but get turned off by serums that are too greasy or weigh your hair down, get excited! This rendition of their existing Frizz-Ease serum, is specifically designed for fine to medium hair.

Part lightweight serum, part smoothing elixir this shake-to-activate dual formula is specifically designed to fight frizz and leave hair light and manageable whether you style straight, wavy, or curly.

I have long, wavy (I know it doesn’t appear that way in most of my pictures since I’m always straightening it) but it’s thin. So in theory this is meant for my hair type, however I have a lot of it — I have enough hair for small village. And because of this I fall somewhere in between this product and the original. For the time being, I like the how light it is and that it goes on towel-dried hair. Although, I can already tell come that come summer, I’ll need something heavier to fight myfrizz. I should note, if you have course or thick hair you will most likely prefer the original (unless you find it too heavy), this product is really designed for our thin hair friends who have limited product offerings in the frizzy hair category.

Next up Full Repair Style Revival ($8.99):

If your hair falls in the category of damaged, then check out John Frieda’s “Full Repair” line. Recently added to the collection is their Full Repair Style Revival; a heat-activated styling spray, designed to help protect against breakage and damage. It’s formulated with Inca Inchi Oil, which is a heat protectant that works to mend damage.

I need to spend some more time with this product before giving my official review. I don’t have severely damaged or overworked hair and be proud, I am working on not straightening it so much so I haven’t had enough time to play with this.

However, I absolutely insist that for anyone using heat tools to use some type of heat protectant to help shield your hair from the damage.

Lastly, John Frieda has added 10 new shades to their Precision Foam Colour ($12.99):

This line literally took the industry by storm when it launched last year. For all of you at-home colorers, here’s some good news, John Frieda has added new shades of red, blonde and black to the collection.

{The John Frieda Precision Foam Color range}

Considering, I have black hair, I’m incredibly limited in the world of hair color, let alone at-home hair color. And in the words of Harry Josh, “the biggest mistake people make is not looking at the shade guide on the box”.  So true, because otherwise, I’d be going nutso over this color range. So my dear readers, next time you see your dream shade on a box, look at the color guide on the side and see that color is even a possibility. Also read the directions! That seems to be a general error many of us make.

Disclaimer: A complimentary sample of the new John Frieda products were given to Pretty Connected for review consideration. Pretty Connected was under no obligation to write this review.