Glow with MAKE UP FOR EVER Fluo Night


I have a rather humorous story to tell that sums up to MAKE UP FOR EVER new Fluo Night is a must-have for Halloween or in your makeup collection for any occasion that deems you in Ultraviolet light.

My story begins at 10am in the bathroom of my office smothering this translucent loose powder all over my lips and eyes, turning off the lights and waiting to glow in the dark. I didn’t. I put more on, turned the lights off…nothing. I missed the part about only glowing in the dark under black-lights. Naturally, I put makeup on over the light-weight powder and chalked it up to a failed product. A whole day of work, and several events later; 12 hours to be exact, I stopped by SPiN New York to finalize my birthday reservations only to get a lot of stares. NO ONE SAID ANYTHING! Finally some overly drunk table-tennis player nearly screamed while almost tripping over me to pick up a ping-pong ball asking, “what’s the matter with your face?”

What you'll look like if you use Fluo Night

Confused for a moment, I realized it was black-light ping-pong night at the club (what are the odds?), and my MAKE UP FOR EVER product doesn’t glow in darkness, it glows under UV lights! I ran back to my date and asked what was the matter with my face? He replied, ‘nothing, why?’, I grabbed his arm and moved us under the black-light lantern –‘What about now?’. When he was finally able to compose himself from the horrific laughter we snapped a few shots, and I left mortified. Really, what got me is the amount of staff and friends I ran into there and none of them told me. Although in all fairness, knowing that I’m an beauty blogger, they probably all assumed it was on purpose.

What’s so amazing about MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Fluo Night is besides being so light-weight and effective, it really enhances the color makeup color you’re wearing over it, and is unbelievable long lasting. It’s appropriate for face and body and invisible under any other light. I’m thoroughly impressed, and will be rocking this on Halloween, and most likely at my birthday party. I’m thinking a secret lightening bolt down my cheek all Bowie style. Although really, the possibilities are endless.

Disclaimer: A complimentary sample was given to Pretty Connected by a company representative. Pretty Connected was under no obligation to write this review.