CoupTessa Fools Day

ConTessa April Fools Day joke

Happy April friends! Yesterday, I woke to an email from a friend with the subject line “Jimmy Choos”? And inside was a link to daily deal site, CoupTessa for $5 for the designer shoes from Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik & more (Value $1200, Save $1195). A deal too good to be true? Yes, it was a big whopping April Fools joke, and I for once didn’t fall for it—I emailed my friend back saying it was a prank. Although a part of me was going to feel really stupid if I was wrong. What gave it away for me was the ‘unlimited coupons per customer’ part. I think had they said 1/per customer it would have been more realistic and hilarious since everyone would be calling all their friends, family and going nuts to get even more pairs.

That evening I received a press release about the occurrence and I was right! Apparently their phones were ringing off the hook all morning and everyone had a good laugh out of it, especially the subscribers themselves. Definitely my kind of prank –funny but not harmful or embarrassing. I have to give it to CoupTessa, that was a good one and considering how much the deal circulated and a really brilliant marketing campaign.