SAKS + neuveauBrow: A Prescription for Perfect Eyebrows


Recently, I was spoiled by Saks Fifth Avenue and neuveauBrow active eyebrow technology for a brow consultation with celebrity brow expert and founder of Damali NYC Heidi Evora-Santiago. Of course my first instinct was to tweeze and pluck – after all I was going before the woman who has done everyone from Katherine Heigl to Eva Longoria’s brows. Although I quickly came to my senses, and realized I should probably leave it to the professional.

At the Saks counter I learned about neuveauBrow ($100), a scientifically advanced formula containing peptides, proteins, vitamins and moisturizers that both nourishes and condition to restore brows to a fuller and healthier state. Dermatologist tested, neuveauBrow is ideal for women with sparse, thinning or weak brows, neuveauBrow can shows results within four weeks.

Heidi Evora-Santiago takes on Lara's brows

I however am very fortunate in that department (although I brought along a writer that’s very excited to review it!). My middle-eastern eyebrows are anything but lacking, which was confirmed when Heidi said, “You have great brows, we don’t even need to fill them in, I’m just going to clean up under the brow and trim them.” She even approved of the shape. Phew!

The end result was naturally perfection. She gave me more of a defined arch while still keeping the brows thick and evened out and the shape to compliment my face. I have difficulty looking in a mirror and making sure everything is symmetrical –that’s a common mistake, which can end to over-tweezing. Having a perfectionist go in to clean it up makes it’s considerably easier to then maintain any new hairs that decide to emerge.

As for Heidi’s insider tips, it seems most of what she does is based on instinct and on the individual (so you’ll just have to visit her for a personalized look). Although she did tell me to go thicker over thinner since it’s more youthful and generally she goes with the natural shape of the brow and just refines it –unless they can pull off a stronger arch. Also when filling in brows she generally prefers powders to pencils since it’s much softer and looks more natural. All I know is that eyebrows shape your entire face, and mine look very clean and polished.

Disclaimer: A complimentary sample of neuveauBrow and an invitation to this event was given to Pretty Connected by a company representative for consideration of a post. Pretty Connected was under no obligation to write this review.