Lady Gaga’s New GL20 Polaroid Glasses

Lady Gaga sporting the GL20 Poloraid Glasses. Photo Credit:

Remember last year when Lady Gaga was named Creative Director, Brand Ambassador, and the ‘new face’ of Polaroid and everyone thought it was just some publicity stunt to get the otherwise bankrupt cult favorite back on it’s feet?

Well, as it turns out pop star was hard at work on the Polaroid Grey Label, a line of products that includes the GL20 Camera Glasses. Now how’s this for innovative? The sunglasses have a built in camera which takes photos, records videos and can then display the images on the glasses’ LCD screen for others to see.

Also fun fact I learned today while watching ‘Who Want’s to be a Millionaire’ at the Dr’s office. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga), knicknamed her fans ‘Little Monsters’ and to celebrate them, she’s tattooed the saying on her arm. Yah, I know, this is old news –she got the tattoo almost a year ago.