Happy National Hat Day

That’s right, today is National Hat Day!  More heat is lost through your head than any other part of your body so carpe diem and stay warm while making a statement today.

I’m celebrating with a vintage cloche I purchased last year.

Here are some tips compliments of www.eHow.com for how to wear the perfect hat on National Hat Day!

  • Choose a hat that fits your face and complements your skin tone. For instance, a person with a long face shouldn’t wear a hat with a lot of height, but a person with a round face will look good in a tall hat.
  • Restyle your hair. For most hats, it’s best to pull your hair back or let it hang down without styling it around your face. You’re more likely to get the dreaded “hat hair” if you style your hair the same way you do when you’re not wearing a hat.
  • Wear the correct size. Your hat shouldn’t come down over your ears or fall off every time you tilt your head. It shouldn’t give you a headache or leave a red mark across your forehead when you remove it.
  • Tilt your hat. Sun hats are meant to be worn on the back of the head; fedoras should be worn down over the eyebrows. A slouchy beanie should be tilted slightly backward for a trendy, stylish look. If the hat you’re trying on doesn’t look right, try it at a different angle.
  • Choose the right hat for the occasion. Outdoor parties are often a great place for a hat, used to either block the sun or just add a unique touch to an outfit. When the weather is less than ideal, choose a brightly colored hat for a more festive look.
  • Most importantly, wear your hat with confidence!