Smart Cover-Up Kit

I was recently sent the Smart Cover-Up Kit and I have really enjoyed playing with it for the past few weeks. The 10-piece set comes in two tones; Light Combo and Dark Combo.  Depending on your choice you’re then given 3 shades of concealing crème in addition to a Color Corrector, Moisture Primer Lotion, Cover Stick, Vitamin Beauty Stick, blending sponges, camouflage brush and a travel case.  I’m generally a medium-beige in foundation so I went with the Light Combo, which includes  Light Beige, Medium Beige & Dark Beige concealing crèmes.  That was a mistake! I gave the Light Beige away, the Medium Beige was way to light and the Dark Beige would be my correct color if it didn’t have such strong red undertones.  That said I was still able to work with the kit since it’s all about mixing and blending to achieve your perfect shade.  Especially since it can be used from head (to cover acne, age spots, birthmarks, uneven skin tone, wrinkles) to toe (spider veins, tattoos, scars).  Be cautioned though if you tend to be medium tone go for the Darker combo (which includes Golden Tan, Dark Beige, & Deep Beige concealing crème), I have a feeling the Golden Tan would have been my perfect shade.

It’s helpful that the kit offers a range of 3 colors since my legs are considerably more fair then my face, not to mention how much my skin tone changes depending on if I have a tan. The product goes on creamy and smooth but instantly dries for a very matte finish that is smudge-resistant (and waterproof!). I found patting the formula onto my skin with the blending sponges (in an upward motion) to be the most effective application method for anything specific I was trying to cover up.

I like looking flawless (who doesn’t?). I take good care of my skin and while I have no problem walking out the door with no foundation on my face, when I have an event or photo-op I want everything down to the last beauty mark covered. That’s where the Smart Cover-Up Kit comes in handy, otherwise (especially in the summer), I prefer something less heavy or to use it to spot treat instead of all over my face.  However, when it comes to my legs I have no issues using this product daily to hide any bruises or spider veins I need covered.

The Moisture Primer Lotion is very light and absorbs quickly onto skin (and is actually quite refreshing) and I was fortunate that the Cover Stick was  my correct shade, which made it great to through in my makeup case for quick touch ups when I’m out.

All in all, I think this kit is a deal and comes in very handy considering it’s so compact and versatile, not to mention affordable.

Price: $29.75 ($121.50 value). Products are also sold individually.  For more information visit

Affiliation: Pretty Connected was given a complimentary sample of Smart Cover-Up by a company representative.  Pretty Connected was under no obligation to write this review.