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Smart Cover-Up Kit

I was recently sent the Smart Cover-Up Kit and I have really enjoyed playing with it for the past few weeks. The 10-piece set comes in two tones; Light Combo and Dark Combo.  Depending on your choice you’re then given 3 shades of concealing crème in addition to a Color Corrector, Moisture Primer Lotion, Cover Stick, Vitamin Beauty Stick, blending sponges, camouflage brush and a travel case.  I’m generally a medium-beige in foundation so I went with the Light Combo, which includes  Light Beige, Medium Beige & Dark Beige concealing crèmes.  That was a mistake! I gave the Light Beige away, the Medium Beige was way to light and the Dark Beige would be my correct color if it didn’t have such strong red undertones.  That said I