DVF’s iPhone Cover

I’m obsessed!!! How hot is the new Diane von Furstenberg iPhone Cover?  She designed it in honor of the new iPhone application DVF launched earlier this week.

I saw on Facebook they are running a free shipping promo. ‘Use DVFSHIPFREE for free ground shipping on any order with an item under $100’.  Is it me or is that awkwardly worded?  The iPone cover is $20, which is under $100 so I think that means I’m getting free shipping?  And on that note, ONLY $20!!!! I’m so impressed (and surprised) they didn’t price it higher.

I need it and am ordering it now! Or at least trying to, the website seems to be having a meltdown at the moment when it comes to ordering them.  Maybe they weren’t expecting the entire female population to be ordering it all at once.

It also fits iPod Touches, for more information visit dvf.com