The Next Generation of Material Girl

Madonna and her 13-year-old daughter, Lourdes (in conjunction with Iconix Brand Group Inc.), are set to launch a teen clothing line appropriately named –you guessed it, ‘Material Girl’ (MG).  Exclusive to Macy’s the line will consist of a back-to-school clothing collection, as well as handbags, jewelry and footwear, with plans of a fragrance launch in 2011.

Who would have thought in 1985 when Madonna released the song ‘Material Girl’, that she would one day dress the teenagers of the future?  But are diamond necklaces, pink satin dresses and long gloves in their future?  Not likely considering the line will range from $12 – $40, but we’ll find out this August when the MG collection is set to premiere nationally in 200 Macy’s locations and online.