Rachel Roy’s Birthday Wish Comes True!

This year, designer Rachel Roy decided to skip her birthday on January 15th and start a birthday campaign through Charity Water instead.  Having witnessed first hand the effects and hardships created by lack of unsafe drinking water, Rachel’s goal was to raise $15,000 by March 15th.  If successful, she would help 750 people, 150 families and 3 communities receive clean water.

It’s pretty amazing Rachel was able to give up a birthday in exchange for helping so many.  What’s even better is today is January 30th, and she’s already exceeded her goal!  She’s currently at $15,839, and there is still well over a month of donating to be done.   No donation is too small (or big), the more money she raises the higher the count of people helped.  Currently, she’s served 791 people!

We donated. Thank you Rachel for letting us be apart of your birthday! Even if it is technically skipped.

To learn more about Rachel’s birthday campaign and to donate visit http://mycharitywater.org/rachelsbirthday