ReVersital 3-in1 MidcrodermaStick

reverDuring a recent trip to Warren Tricomi, the beauty shop in The Plaza Hotel, I was introduced to ReVersital 3-in1 MidcrodermaStick.  The representative demonstrated on my hand how this product cleanses, resurfaces, and moisturizes. 
Considering how amazing the skin on my hand felt, I knew I wanted to try and review this product.  After two weeks of using this product (3 times a week), my skin was glowing.  This is truly an extraordinary product and worth trying. 
I made the mistake of bringing it home on a recent trip to Boston where I was hoping to get my mother’s opinion (and gather data to see how it works for a more mature skin).   Generally the only products she gets excited about are Cosmedix or Dr. Haushka; however, after her first experience with the ReVersital she wouldn’t give it back. 
So we made a deal, she can keep it if she also tries it for 2 weeks and writes a review.  After all I work near the Plaza, I can just buy another.  Here’s what she had to say:
A wonderfully innovative and equally effective product, ReVersital 3-in1 MidcrodermaStick, combines exfoliating, moisturizing, and a healthy, glowing look all in one stick.  I’ve been using exfoliates for years but quite honestly disliked the way it felt on my fingers and skin — I couldn’t quite rinse all those beads off, and it seemed as though there was still a residue left on my skin. 
With this clever stick, the critical areas of the face are targeted and scrubbed as necessary, and the beads quickly melt into a moisturizing cleansing cream, which washes off easily leaving a smooth, clean glow.   No mess, no fuss, and my skin feels great.

My sentiments exactly.

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Affiliation: This product was sent to me by a representative. I was under no obligation to write this review.