Breakfast with Dr. Hirsch for SENSA

By now you’ve probably heard of SENSA, I had but knew nothing beyond it being some type of weight loss supplement. And frankly all that type of stuff kind of freaks me out. I tend to generalize them all into one category; innovative pills filled with chemicals, in fancy boxes promising to miraculously dissolve away those extra pounds. Of course when you read the fine print it has some comment about how it works best as part of a healthier diet and exercise regimen. And doesn’t that somewhat defeat the purpose? If I can get myself to eat healthier and regularly work out, I think I’m on my way to solving the problem.

Dr. Alan Hirsch

Out of pure curiosity, I got off my high horse and decided to join Dr. Alan Hirsch, M.D. for a breakfast he was hosting to learn more about SENSA, the 6-month weight-loss system that uses science and your sense of smell to shed unwanted pound. And I’m glad I did because he’s a breath of fresh air. I’m used to nutrition buffs or fitness obsessed working-out-is-my-life types starting these weigh-loss programs that for the life of me I cannot relate to (although I am envious of their drive and healthy endorphins).  Dr. Hirsch on the other hand is a Neurologist and Psychiatrist, and his passion for research and how the brain and sensory system of the human body operates is evident in every anecdote and fact he delivered.

“Did you know in a study we did on what people want kisses to taste like we found married and single women prefer their dates or husband’s kisses to taste fresh, like mint toothpaste; married men like their wives to taste like spearmint or peppermint, and single men prefer them to taste like alcohol,” he told the audience. That narrative is slightly off topic, but I couldn’t get enough of these random studies. I asked him to add me to his mailing list.

Dr. Hirsch is America’s foremost researcher on the effects of odors and flavors on human emotion, mood and behavior. He’s published more than 200 research studies, authored 7 books and combined 20+ years of research on the impact of smell and taste in creating the technology used in SENSA.

New SENSA For Men!

SENSA comes in a shaker –think salt & pepper shaker packaging, except one side is labeled ‘SALTY’ and the other “SWEET”. You then sprinkle the tasteless blend of “tastants” (it comes out like white powder) on your food (‘sweet’ on sweet food, ‘salty’ on salty foods…you get it) and within a few weeks should start seeing results. No change in exercise or diet required! Just go about your daily life as you naturally would (as they claim on their website, ‘no pills, no restrictions, no cravings’). Hooray! Plus they guarantee results with in 30-days or your money back.

So I’m trying it—why not? I’m so curious! Especially since I truly believe my relationship with food is totally mental! I remember I swore off diets in High School after I went through a “I won’t eat carbs phase”. Which lasted all of an hour, since in the process of thinking about how I shouldn’t eat carbs, all I thought about were carbs and thus all I wanted we’re carbs. The next thing I knew I was making pasta. Food is such a comfort for me that no matter the portion size, leftovers are a rarity. And I snack out of boredom. Which is partially why I leave my fridge empty.  Over the years I’ve basically tricked my taste buds into thinking I never get full, so I’m excited to see if Sensa can help me fool my otherwise very tainted taste receptors.

SENSA also just launched a NEW version for men, appropriately named, ‘SENSA For Men’–they apparently lose weight more linear and their brains operate differently (clearly by the kisses study) and have a weaker sense of smell, so the formula is slightly tweaked (although based on the same technology). Same process, same shaker packaging –only theirs is black.

On a side note, I sat next to someone from iVilliage at the breakfast. Have you checked out their beauty/health blog, Never Say Diet? It’s very enjoyable and engaging on a number of health topics, while still adding a youthful, fun element into the writing. Adding it to the blogroll!

Disclaimer: A complimentary sample of SENSA and SENSA For Men was given to Pretty Connected in the gift bag at the breakfast. Pretty Connected was under no obligation to write about these products or the event.