Women’s Health magazine is kicking off its 2015 RUN10 FEED10 philanthropic race series in partnership with the FEED Foundation on September 20th in New York City. The concept is simple: run a 10k, feed 10 people. WE have raised 3.75 million meals  since starting this initiative and have the hopes of breaking 5 million in 2015.  ABC’s Good Morning America Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee will be the special guest host and will also be running the race with a special group of mommy’s-to-be.


Saying I’m an indie beauty product groupie is an understatement. What’s better than a day devoted to up-and-coming beauty products and discovering them BEFORE they become “cult classics”? Nothing. Although it’s really challenging to keep up with all the new brands I keep reading about, so when I heard about the Indie Beauty Expo, I was giddy with anticipation.

patricia field dr. martens event

You know that song Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry? Me too. And I’ve listed to it a million times having no idea what a Buffalo Stance was — I just assumed it was some type of 90s dance move — when actually it’s a reference to a group of photographers, models, musicians, hair and makeup artists formed by stylist Ray Petri of whom Cherry was apart of.

Source: @rickys_nyc

Currently Trending: Ricky’s hops on the Instagram wagon. No, they aren’t late to the Instagram party, rather they are the first to capitalize on an Instagram inspired store. New York-based businessman Richard Parrott, president of the beauty store Ricky’s NYC, is taking advantage of the social media beauty frenzy by opening a beauty store that only sells Instagram-famous products.

christian louboutin red lipstick

Pucker up ladies because it’s almost time to bathe your lips in Christian Louboutin. Adding to the famed designer’s beauty profile which currently includes a line of nail polishes are lipsticks intended to make a statement. According to the iconic designer, “An object that embellishes the lips—the beacon of sensuality and organ of communication—has to be fairly amazing. The object should inspire a beautiful gesture.” And it does! These lipsticks are magic. After much hype (and press) over their existence earlier this month, I had the pleasure of joining the brand in their showroom for the unveiling.


Last week InStyle hosted their Summer Social event bringing together top makeup brands and bloggers to indulge in beauty treatments and test out new products. One of the highlights was the Sally Hansen booth where I re-fell in love with their Airbrush Legs collection. Many of us are used to their classic Airbrush Legs spray on formula pictured above and below, but what I didn’t know is that Sally Hansen recently launched a Smooth-On version!

walgreens makeup picksFashion Week is almost upon us and while coordinating outfits can be a production, your makeup choices don’t have to be. It’s still so hot in New York in September so heavy makeup is never a good idea. Considering the shows are hosted at varying venues all over the city, opting for long wear and waterproof formulas that require minimal touch-ups is the way to go.


James and I have been non-stop this summer that any weekend when we get to just hang out on the waterfront in Long Island City and be normal is the best! Don’t get me wrong it’s been an amazing traveling so much but sometimes it’s nice to just have a minute to ourselves. 

yankees_baseball_gameUsually, getting me out on a Monday night is next to impossible. However, to make my annual date for National Relaxation Day with Tommy Bahama to enjoy a Yankees game I’ll happily drop everything. And considering Tommy Bahama’s motto is make life one long weekend, I can’t think of a way to adopt the saying then taking in a game while indulging in their signature cocktails.


Dr. Jart+ is synonymous with sheet masks and quickly became a cult beauty favorite. These sheet masks we’ve come to know and love are getting a handful of new shelf-mates with the Dermask collection. The collection comprises of nine sheet pasts broken down into four Dermask Jet lines, each inspired by cosmetic procedures such as hyaluronic acid injections, laser peels, INTRAcel treatment and Botox injections.


In my short three years, I’ve learned a thing or two (or ten) from humans. Some good and others that have prepared me for the next nine years of life. The most important lessons have come from my internet fame, which was neither planned nor a publicity stunt contrary to popular belief. Since I’m not just beautiful but also wise, I will impart my wisdom on you.

Sally Hansen Big Peel Off base coat

I would love to say, I wish I thought of this! But I literally have! Ever since the nail polish glitter craze I have fantasized about a base coat that would make glitter nail polish come off. (Although I always thought it would be heat activated). As many of you know taking off glitter nail polish is the worst. Even with acetone polish remover you are scrubbing forever and the only real effective fix is to soak your nails in the chemical and foiling off. It’s time consuming and annoying! (Just saying…) so literally when I saw Sally Hansen had developed the “Big Peel Off Base Coat” specifically formulated to solve this nightmare I was (and remain) so excited! AND IT’S ONLY $5.99!!!!!! But does it work? Lets me show you!