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Burning Man Packing List

After a 2 year hiatus from Burning Man, I’ve decided  to forgo my resentment that since my last burn, tickets have skyrocketed to $400, there is a lottery system since it sells out (who know there was a capacity level for a massive desert?), and has become so yuppy and expensive that it’s even made the pages of Town & Country, and go. However, as soon as I step foot on that playa, I’m exstinguishing all of these frustrations and committing to having the best time ever.

Ever since posting on my social channels that I’ve been spending this week Burning Man shopping, I’ve received messages from fans and friends alike asking me questions on what to bring and how it works.

So here it is, my recommended packing list:


  • Toilet paper roll/tissues
  • Face/hand/body wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Vasaline or moisturizer (you will need this especially for your feet)