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Tom’s Peppermint Wave Long-Lasting Wicked Fresh Mouthwash

Mouthwash, it’s one of those products I generally have in my cabinet and yet as obsessed as I am with having white teeth, I rarely use. Partially because I’m apprehensive about the alcohol content many of them carry but mostly it’s due to the taste.  I simply prefer to spend more time brushing my teeth –an action I very much enjoy.  Problem is with this heat and dehydration my mouth gets totally raunchy and over-brushing (something I’m I’ve been a victim of in the past) can actually be quite harmful.  Brushing in the AM and PM is enough, but what about the middle of the day when I need a pick me up?

The answer is Tom’s NEW Peppermint Wave Long-Lasting Wicked! Fresh Mouthwash.  I’m from Boston so I thought I’d be disappointed with any product with the word ‘wicked’ in it and figured if it were ‘long-lasting’ it would be very strong.  I could not have been more wrong; it was actually a pleasure to use it. It’s alcohol free and tasted great. I could actually gargle with it for over a minute without feeling like I would be foaming at the mouth.  The secret is