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Survive the Holidays – My Must Haves

With the winter and holidays right around the corner, this is generally that time of year our skin begins to experience some of their ramifications. Here are some of my must haves to stay stress free (or at least look like it!), while combating winter dryness this season.  They also make great gifts, if for no one else, then yourself, and they get extra points for their great packing.

Holdiay must haves

*These products are in the order of the post below (not in order of my favorites).

Survive Kit by This Works

This worksThe Survive Kit from This Works is a travel friendly 5 piece set That includes:

Turbo Balm – A preservative free balm, made from Cocoa Butter, Rose, and Monoi, works great on lips, cuticles, elbows, (basically any chapped area) to sooth dryness.

Quick Spritz – A cool hydrating spritz for the face and body blended from on palmrosa and rosewood to refresh the skin.

One for all – A roller ball with pure lavender and coconut oil, is a natural antiseptic that can be used when skin needs some soothing relief.  The calming smell can also help aid sleep.

Breathe in – Aromatherapy to the rescue.  This roller ball with frankincense and eucalyptus is useful for clearing the head, or when feeling run down.

Stay Cool Eye Serum – A soothing blend of aloe, arnica, and cucumber. Easy absorption into the skin — this helps me look revived and refreshed after a long night.

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