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Going on a Power Trip with Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins, Lara EurdolianAs far as I’m concerned there are two types of women, Jackie Collins fans and those who don’t know they are Jackie Collins fans yet (the rest of you are just pretending).  I used to be the latter until meeting the author a few years back and by the end of our interview I was completely enamored.

Her kindness, coupled with her no nonsense, tell-it-like it is attitude is so refreshing as is her genuine love of women and commitment to building strong female characters in her books. Collins is a dreamer, a natural story teller, with a huge imagination and she inspires me every time I’m around her. So consider my reaction when I was asked to host the launch of her latest book, The Power Trip. Let me be clear, my Vespa’s name Lucky (after my favorite JC character),  her autographed picture which she signed “Stay Lucky” hangs in my office and at least once a week I have a ‘what would Jackie Collins do?’ moment — you get it, this offer made my life.

{Co-hosts, myself and Jamey Giddens of Daytime and Pop Confidential with Jackie Collins}


So alongside the talented Jamey Giddens of Daytime and Pop Confidential, we co-hosted the press event at NYC’s Yotel all Family Feud style. Literally. We divided 40 or so press and bloggers into two teams for some Pop Culture Trivia. The winning team got to face off against Collins herself for the ultimate showdown. First off, if I knew being a game-show host was this much fun, I would have switched careers. Bloggers in competitive mode is one of the most