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Everything you want to know about teeth whitening


Easily the best Valentine’s Day gift I ever gave James was an appointment to get his teeth professionally whitened. As someone who did not take care of his teeth in his teens and has coffee stains deeper than the Mariana Trench, one visit to Dr. Veytsman’s office and she was able to take his smile 3-4 shades whiter in a mere hour. Being self conscious about your teeth is pretty much the worst and in the case of stains is highly correctable. As a top New York City dentist, Dr. Veytsman understands the importance of a white, bright smile. She was a delight to be in the room with and offers the most advanced whitening options to banish stains and yellowing. I had the best time watching James’ teeth-over. Here’s everything you need

Spring into Summer with Luster Premium White Teeth! (Sans Sensitivity!)

{Pro Light $43.99, Distinctly White System $12.99}
{Pro Light $43.99, Distinctly White System $12.99}

Until now I did not believe it was possible to achieve a whiter smile with this product grade without equally achieving incredibly sensitive teeth.  With LUSTER PRO LIGHT TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM I had quick results and was still able to drink everything from cold water to hot tea without sensitivity.  Developed by dentists,