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Tea Party with Jo Malone

Limited Edition Tea Fragrance Blends

Would you like to have a tea party with Jo Malone? Yes, please!

Well come tomorrow, you can! Jo Malone is launching a collection of limited edition, travel-friendly Tea Fragrance Blends ($55). Inspired by British tradition (he’s going back to his English roots), it was only proper he create three classic tea base fragrances –Assam & Grapefruit, Earl Grey & Cucumber and Fresh Mint Leaf followed by two additional scents; Sweet Lemon and Sweet Milk, which can either be worn alone or on top of the tea scents.

So how do you take your tea? I’m a mint girl myself, so I previewed the Fresh Mint Leaf fragrance, and for creativity sake added Sweet Milk on top. Apparently I take my fragrance exactly the way I do my tea –with nothing added (okay, sometimes I mix in lavender-honey, but that wasn’t an option). The Sweet Milk was pleasant, but sweet –and since when