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Susan G. Komen Launches First Fragrance ‘Promise Me’

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation has partnered with TPR Holding to create their first signature fragrance ‘Promise Me’, to honor those who have been touched by breast cancer. While we’ve seen many beauty products donate proceeds to the Susan G. Komen fund, this is the first and only proprietary fragrance for the cause.

When I first heard about the fragrance launch, I was perplexed by what it would smell like. How do you bottle bravery or strength? Let alone a tribute to all that have been touched by breast cancer? That curiosity turned to excitement when I found out one of my favorite perfumers, Jean Claude Delville of Drom fragrances developed it.  When speaking with him I got the sense that he was completely immersed in the identity of the fragrance and how that would translate into the fragrance notes. Promise Me contains top notes of mandarin, bergamout. Blood orange,