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Trend Alert: Floral Finds Under $50!

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 10.01.40 AM

1. Floral Print Wedge Sandals $30 at Forever 21 2. LOVE Floral Print Cropped Tee $30 at River Island  3. Kate Spade Hello Sunshine Floral iPhone Case $40 at Neiman Marcus 4. Hippie Laundry Floral Denim Cutoff Shorts $19 at Tillys 5. Vase– Threshold Honeycomb Vase $12.99 at Target

Fictional fashion icon Miranda Priestly said it best “Florals. For Spring? Groundbreaking” Clearly dripping with sarcasm this states the obvious, we aren’t reinventing the wheel when we look to this as a trend in the warm weather months.  Every spring we