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L.A. COLORS “Brush with Fame” Challenge #3: Lip Service

Happy National lipstick day! We’re now on round 3 of the Life & StyleIn Touch and L.A. COLORS “Brush with Fame” competition. This week’s challenge is appropriately “Lip Service” and I’m tasked to kiss and tell my favorite lip trends. As some who likes to go bold or go home — literally, there’s a 99% chance you may never see me in a nude lip (If I could pull it off like Blake Lively or Kim K. then that would be a different story) — for starters a red lip makes your teeth look whiter, instantly makes me look 500% more awake and it completes an outfit like no other! So my #1 goes to the tried and true red lip. My red lip icons are Gwen Stefani and Dita Von Teese and I do need to give Taylor Swift some props as well! Whether you’re going for old hollywood, new hollywood, classic or edgy, there’s a red for everyone! And what can’t it be worn with? Go casual or glam a red lip ties and outfit together and shows us who’s boss! (It comes with confidence in every application — just make sure you’re wearing the red and the red isn’t wearing you!) And it’s seasonless, from a black tee to cocktail dress the same red (or a variation!) can be worn from day to night. And it’s a trend that if you know how to rock, will never go out of style — just take a cue from Gwen Stefani with all the ways (and hair dos) she styles it with!gwen stefani red lip

Now if you’re one of those that can’t find the right shade the trick is practice, practice, practice (or rather, try, try, try). There are general rules like if you’re…

Fair skin – opt for pink reds to ones with blue undertones (cool reds) work for you! Coral reds as well.

Medium skintone – you’re golden in true reds as well as orangy-reds (warm reds) and fiery tones!

Darker complexions – raspberry reds to rich burgundy shades as well as cool reds.

Keep in mind there are exceptions and variations to all of these (like MAJOR ones), there’s probably a blue-red to orange-red for every person with the amount of reds on the market so sometimes your best bet is to find a celebrity that has similar coloring to you and see which shade they wear. Everything from your hair color, to your undertones as well as the finish of the lipstick (matte, shine or glossy)

Addicted to Red – PC Top 10 Favorite Reds Lip Colors!


My obsession with red lips started last year, and since then my love of the color has only grown stronger.  As I told Beauty High in a recent feature, “a good red lipstick fixes everything – especially if there’s a camera involved.”

Back in the day my red options were limited — Dragon Girl from Nars was about the only shade I could find that worked for me. Now with so many different types and shade ranges (from orange-red to deep reds to bright reds to pinkish reds…)., I’ve been experimenting like a mad woman.  (I’ve became a little obsessed!)  Having tried what feels like every red lip color I could get my hands on in the past 4 months, I have narrowed it down to 10 favorites!

Top 10 (from the deepest red to the brightest, numbers connect to above lip numbers above as well)

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 1.48.57 AM

1. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – LIP TAR – NSFW:  Super dark but sure to turn heads.   This goes on glossy and dries to a satin finish. with This product has an insane amount of pigments so when applying use a lip brush and apply a small (very small) amount to lips.  Can put on lightly for a softer effect.  Make sure to bring