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Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins

The wildly entertaining and ever so charming Jackie Collins is at it again with her latest novel, ‘Poor Little Bitch Girl’.  No one does scandal like Jackie Collins.  Having a front row seat to the Hollywood scene, she knows how to write a page-turner, which is evident if you’ve ever read any of her 26 other books.  And while Jackie is privy to all the gossip, she can keep a secret; these stories make for great characters and scenarios in her books.

In ‘Poor Little Bitch Girl’, take for instance Annabelle Maestro, the daughter of two movie stars, who later grows up and takes on the alias Belle Svetlana, Madam to the most exclusive call girl business in NYC.  Annabelle changed professions once she was too old to become an accessory to her celebrity parents, and could no longer afford supporting her boyfriend’s coke habit based on her parent’s allowance. Then there is Denver Jones, the hotshot attorney and Annabelle’s close friend in high school until Denver couldn’t keep up with Annabelle’s popularity and began hanging out Carolyn Henderson, the ‘brainy kid’.   Carolyn grows up to become the personal assistant and mistress to a very powerful (and married) Senator in Washington.  Well these ladies are no longer in high school, and mix in a murder to the already