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Disney Launches First Premium Collection

Disney's Imagination Collection

This month, Disney introduced Imagination, their first of three collections (the other two Magic and Pixie Dust will be available in the coming months) of premium fragrances, lotions and candles for the home. I know what you’re thinking, premium? I had the same confusion when I was invited to a sneak peak of the collections. I was expecting overly sweet scents, and I don’t know, princess packaging? And I wasn’t particularly clear on the ‘home’ element. I assumed they were for kids. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised with a very sophisticated yet nostalgic series of products geared for the whole family and designed to evoke memories and bring the magic of some of Disney’s most beloved characters and movies into your home.

Imagination, which is by far my favorite scent of the 3 lines, consists of a Candle ($19.50), Room Spray ($16.50), Lotion ($12.50) and Hand Wash ($12.50) and is inspired by the enchanted forest. Smells of sequoia trees, cool moss and green leaves it’s very clean and natural and literally