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Dinner at NYC’s NoMad Hotel

For anyone that follows me on twitter or insta.gram, you may have saw the course by course play of my dinner at NoMad last night! Located on the ground floor of the NoMad Hotel in NYC’s Midtown, the fancy shmancy hot-spot restaurant is divided into five rooms, the Bar area and Library which has a limited food menu and are great choices for a drink date. And then the highly coveted full dining rooms, The Parlour, Atrium and Fireplace (which is more so used for private dining events). Each room has it’s own elegant and unique feel and decore based on it’s title.

My group started in the Bar, where I ordered a “Paris is Burning”, which combines gin with mezcal, St. Germain, pineapple and bitters. The time and care the bartenders take into preparing their drinks does not go unnoticed. It was delicious… I had three.

We then walked around the different spaces before being seated seated in the Parlor room…

Ordering time! The menu is divided by Snacks, Appetizers, Entrees, and Dessert — and naturally we needed to order from every list (in order). Starting with Snacks menu we opted for the Radishes, which are butter-dipped with flour de sel and melt in your mouth!

Then onto the Appetizers where we ordered the Radicchio salad with apples, basil & mozzarella, Snow Peas chiffonade with pancetta (on the side since I’m a peskatarian), and Egg poached with asparagus, quinoa & parmesan. The Snow peas we’re exceptional! They were finely cut into almost a chopped salad form and unbelievable refreshing in the light lemon dressing. The Egg was on