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A Moment with Dr. Oz… health tips you don’t want to miss!

photo-4I admire Dr. Mehmet Oz. Or rather he (and anyone) who’s able to think of life on the large scale, give back and not be limited or held back by time, schedule or any other ‘I can’t(s)’ in life. Or as someone once told me when I thought I could not take on one more thing, “you’re not thinking large enough.” Dr. Oz does.

Aside from his ever so popular show, The Dr. Oz Show, he’s also an active cardiac surgeon at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, publishing a new book, YOU(R) Teen:Losing Weight, writes a monthly column for Oprah’s magazine, O, the chairman and founder of the non-profit organization, HealthCorps, and husband and father of four.

This month, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Oz for an evening hosted by HealthCorps, which if you’re not familiar with, is his proactive health movement, focused on fighting the obesity and mental resilience crisis