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Take the #NeutrogenaFaceOff Challenge


Isn’t that disgusting and sort of awesome at the same time? Makeup wipes are a dime a dozen these days, everyone’s doing them but

{Giveaway} Win Neutrogena Hand Cream + $25 Amex Card

Neutrogena hand cream + Knock Out Flatte Black Nail Polish
Neutrogena hand cream + Knock Out Flatte Black Nail Polish

If you saw my post on the 12 beauty products that got me through Africa, you know that the Neutrogena Nowegian Formula Hand Cream basically saved my hands (and feet) from the extreme dust and sand dryness they were experiencing. It was originally sent to me with a $25 American Express gift card offering me to use the gift card on a manicure and to take #NTG7DAYCHALLENGE

Beauty Travel Essentials: 12 Products that Got me Through Africa

Let me tell you, when you spend 20 days traveling through dust and sand, while being unable to drink much less brush your teeth with tap water, it takes some solid beauty products to keep everything in check. And considering I was basically on the line of the equator for most of my trip efficatious SPF products were a must. While I didn’t pack any hair products that knocked my socks off (now that I’m home I need to bathe in leave-in conditioners), I made some outstanding face, body, mouth choices — and here are the products that stood out: 

Supergoop!, Crest 3d, Reach, Nivea

1. Crest 3D White ($3.47/5.8oz) – like I said, I was brushing with bottled water for 3 weeks, battling 90 degree weather and

This just in! Julie Bowen Announced as the Face of Neutrogena (again)

Julie Bowen's Neutrogena Ad, 2001
Julie Bowen’s Neutrogena Ad, 2001

She’s back! Modern Family’s Julie Bowen reunites with Neutrogena as the new face of the brand. While so many of these skincare brands seem to go younger, and younger in the spokesperson category, it’s so great to see Neutrogena tap the Emmy award winning actress and mom who previously was the face of the brand from 2001 to 2008 and will return in 2014 campaigns

“Julie embodies the ultimate NEUTROGENA® woman, and we are excited to have her return home.  As a career women and busy mom, she empowers women to make healthy skin choices and is an inspiration to all,” says Michelle Freyre, General Manager, Neutrogena.


Talking beauty with Molly Sims

image040Recently I caught up with the ever so delightful model/actress (and new mom!), Molly Sims at BLOW salon in NYC for a special event hosted by Rembrandt and Neutrogena.  It was an evening filled with teeth whitening touch ups, hair blow-outs and mini makeovers by Neutrogena brand ambassador Amy Oresman.

While at the event I ran into Shy from the Beauty and the Feast Blog and together we took the opportunity to ask Mrs. Sims a few questions and get the 411 on her beauty essentials (and then of course I saw props and conned everyone into taking a funny pic).


Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! How did your life change once you became a mother?

Molly Sims (MS): My showers got really short! I went from a 30 minute shower, which is terrible to admit, to like a two minute one. I used to have a lot more time on my hands, and now there’s