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Backstage at Hedwig on Broadway with POPSUGAR and Knock Out Cosmetics

hedwig dressing room
It’s not every day you get to sit in Neil, Andrew and now Michael’s dressing room at Hedwig!!!

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is one of the hottest tickets on Broadway right now. The Tony Award winning show, opened with Neil Patrick Harris as Hedwig, then Andrew Rannells, and now, Michael C. Hall, is taking over the role for the next 3 months. And with those elaborate wigs, and fabulous glitter red lips and blue eyeshadow, it’s a dream for all us beauty lovers. I’m so privileged to be friends and partners with the man behind the hair and makeup (for ahem – both the original movie and play), Mike Potter. And our nail polish brand, Knock Out is what you see on the actors and we did an exclusive Hedwig collaboration featuring the iconic shades that you see from the show. The shades include: Sugar (clear glitter), Midnight (blue glitter), Hedwig (red glitter) and Bombshell (matte yellow), and they are what you see on Hedwig the playbill’s and posters all over NYC.