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Michelle Obama presents the Evolution of Mom Dancing

That Michelle Obama… she just continues to outdo herself in the category of cool. Catch the First Lady dancing alongside Jimmy Fallon in honor of her Let’s Move Campaign.

Michelle Obama Wears Jason Wu AGAIN to 2013 Inauguration Ball

President Obama And first lady Attend Inaugural Balls

It would be the biggest news since Michelle Obama’s bangs — of course I’m talking about her dress of choice for the 2013 Inauguration ball. Out walks the First Lady in her gorgeous ruby colored full length gown (with v-neck back) and alongside the President, they share the first dance. (All the while we’re all holding our breathe, in anticipation of the dress announcement.) Finally it’s revealed, she’s wearing Jason Wu… again. What’s so crazy about this momentous fashion moment is no one knows who she will wear — not even the designer — until she makes her entrance. She complimented the dress with Jimmy Choo shoes.

Having a reputation for wearing young designers and bringing them in the spotlight — as she did the first time around in wearing Jason Wu, and with all the speculation over who she would be wearing. I don’t think anyone anticipated it would Wu again. She already made his career the first time around,

Kate Middleton Takes Down the Reiss Website

Michelle Obama may have made Jason Wu a household name when she wore his gown to the inaugural ball, but Kate Middleton indirectly took down the Reiss website when she wore a $340 Reiss “Shola” dress in camel earlier today.  The occasion? Her and Prince William we’re meeting with the Obama’s in England. Speaking of which, I’m not sure what’s going on with the First Lady’s outfit. I’ll have to investigate the front of it before passing judgment.