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PC visits Eiji Salon: I’m blond!

Well, more like 10% blond. With it being a new year I was ready for a change. And what better time to debut a new look then at a party! Last week, I was honored by NMRKT and Mondrian Soho, for their blogger of the month party (and had the opportunity to invite 150 readers and friends to celebrate my site). With a room filled with PR peeps, beauty experts, and my fellow bloggers, I needed to bring my A-game — and it’s no secret having your hair look great is 50% of the battle.

Known for their infamous Dry-Cut, Hair Color services, and Revitalizing Hair Treatments, I visited Eiji Salon for a private consultation with their color director, Michael Murphy and of course to try out this dry-cut technique. When visiting a salon for the first time, I do not