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Sleep No More

A few weeks ago while I was at Katie Holmes’ John Frieda event, I ran into a group of friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Amidst our departure one of them mumbled something about how we should go to this play, Sleep No More, where you wear a mask and it’s totally ‘Eye’s Wide Shut’ like. I didn’t really know what that meant at the time –was I going to watch a play and be seduced while wearing a mask? Especially since it was at a hotel I had never heard of –the McKittrick. I was intrigued.

The emails circulated, tickets we’re bought and next thing I know I’m entering a set of large unmarked black doors and being asked to check everything. When in Rome… I gave them my purse, coat, cell phone –it felt kind of liberating. I then walked to the 2nd floor bar and joined my friends. And that’s where the journey began. You walk through this maze of darkness feeling your way through and come out in something set out of the 1940s. Live entertainment with tables and a bar. The hosts all dress to a tee as if we’re all at a masquerade ball –only at this point we weren’t required to wear masks. The ticket alone was worth hanging out at the bar all night.

You’re given a card as your ticket (I had a jack), which designates your group. And call different cards up to enter the hotel. Once yours is called you follow the seductress into a small room where