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Girl Talk… #GENKNOW {Sponsored}


As some of you may remember, I partnered with the Glam Network a few months back to part-take in mini-webisode hosted by U by Kotex. With 10 other bloggers, 2 Kotex ambassadors (Kat of TheeKatsMeoww and Vanessa or Read My Lips), and  1 moderator (Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point) by my side. We sat around a table having true girl talk. Everything from online bullying, women empowerment to the amount of mis-information out there and lack of good resources for girls today that have questions about sex, periods, and other feminine related issues (because who really wants to ask a question in sex ed? And often times this isn’t a subject we feel comfortable discussing with our parents or friends).

Getting in the Know… #GENKNOW

One of my resolutions for 2013 was to not hold myself back and to say yes to anything that scars me. So when the Glam Network asked me to take part in a mini-webisode for UbyKotex I was up for the challenge.


Lets be clear, my former self would not be comfortable talking about feminine products, or really feminine anything, let alone on camera! But isn’t that in and of itself the problem? If we’re not comfortable talking about our bodies and (gasp!)