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Dermalogica Wants You to FITE For Change

Lara with Dermalogica founder, Jane Wurwand

According to the World Bank, the economic empowerment and financial independence of women is one of the greatest drivers of sustainable poverty alleviation in the developing world. Additionally 70% of people living in poverty are women and despite research that shows women who are financially independent can be the greatest agents of change in their communities, only 2% of all international aid money goes to them. Which is why skincare company, Dermalogica has partnered with Kiva.org (the world’s largest personal microlending website) to help alleviate poverty and created FITE (Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship), a global campaign that promotes gender equality, and helps boost stagnant economies by offering women entrepreneurs in low-income regions of the United States and 56 other countries micro loans.

“We know that the economic empowerment of women is one of the greatest levers for positive social change. What is particularly thrilling about FITE is the opportunity it provides to give that lever a multiplier effect,” says Jane Wurwand, Founder of Dermalogica. As a blogger, I do see (and write about) a lot of philanthropic initiatives, and consider myself a big advocate of giving back—but I often find it difficult seeing this change.  There are so many causes, humanitarian, environmental or otherwise and it feels like just when we ban together to help rebuild one natural disaster, another one hits. At times it can all be rather discouraging but having had the opportunity to meet Jane and hear about her journey to start Dermalogica as well as her devotion to FITE to bring about real change gives me hope.