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New Blogger Advice: Join IFB (+ sign up for their conferences) #IFBCON

IFB Conference

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of tweets and emails from new bloggers asking advice on how to grow their blog, work with brands and break into the social media world. And while I want to be as accessible as possible to my readers, it does get challenging finding the time to respond to every request and often find that much of the advice I have to offer can be found on the Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) website.

Me with BryanBoy!

IFB is a really great resource for all levels of beauty or fashion blogger that needs advice or has question on how to navigate this world. They regularly post articles on how to grow your blog and have an extensive community of bloggers as resources. Additionally, twice a year IFB hosts a conference in NYC (in September and February) to examine the evolving influence of the online blogging community. They host a variety of speakers and panelists and it’s an excellent opportunity to ask the experts.

Me with Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere

For beginner blogger it’s an especially worthwhile conference, for most of us mid-level bloggers it’s more of an opportunity to network. In any case, if you haven’t signed up with them (it’s free), you should!

For this years conference IFB hooked me up with Buyosphere, the platform that helps individuals, help their fellow virtual piers shop. You would simply go on their site and make a statement about what you’re looking for and then other members have the opportunity to comment on your question and give you advice. For instance if you saw someone on the street carrying a bag, you could take a picture asking the community where you can find something similar, or without an image you could pose a question like, “I’m looking for fun, patterned tights under $15, does anyone have any suggestions?” You get the idea… In between panelists, I tweeted with the bloggers in the room asking for their style wants as well as share their street style.

The whole experience was a lot of fun! Plus I got to meet some AMAZING bloggers like Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere, BryanBoy and…

{Joshua Kissi & Travis Gumbs from Street Etiquette}

{Panelists Karen founder of Style Musee, Macala founder of FMM, Tom and Lorenzo, Bryan of Bryanboy and Aliza Lichy from DKNY}

I need another minute to obsess over TOM and LORENZO!!!

{Susan Cernek of Glamour, Jessie Thorpe of Denimology, La Carmina, Lauren Tasar from LifeBooker}

Fashion Week Chapter 1: Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference

Wow, what a week! Fashion Week had me in a complete daze. I can’t believe it’s over and I have hardly had any time to post about it. I’ve seen so many incredible shows from Carolina Herrera, Jason Wu, Nicole Miller, Betsey Johnson, Herve Leger, Milly, Mandy Coon, Daniel Vosovic…and so many more!  And what have I done since it ended on the 17th? Sleep. Seriously, all I did last night was put on over-sized sweatpants, devoured a big bowl of pasta (I felt like a ran a marathon this weekend), and watched movies until I passed out –all  from the comfort of my bed. It was an amazing week, but unbelievable exhausting.

I'm so excited! Lara (me) with Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler at IFB

I learned a lot about scheduling considering I was overly zealous with my calendar and how much I could handle. I actually believed that I would come home everyday, post about the shows I saw and be disciplined and in a functional routine. Instead, I was running from one location to the next, hosting backstage interviews, taking footage and of course the best part, getting to watch them live. It gave me a reason to wake up in the morning, pirate my