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Sandy Relief Efforts: How to donate supplies!

My AMAZING friend Jennifer Walsh has organized a  work center and has created an easy list of supplies needed. If you’re looking to donate supplies (whether you’re in our out of New York), email: [email protected] to get involved. All the information is below and here’s the link to the original post on her Tumblr page: behindthebrandmedia.tumblr.com.



We have set up a work center and will organize everything and now have found the vehicles to take things to places in need: top of the list are Breezy Point,  Staten Island, and Rockaways, in the coming days.

If you are from out of town and would like to send a box of something for the cause, we could really use it. It is very hard to get supplies in NYC right now. Resources are depleted and suppliers are having a hard time keeping items on shelves. It is also difficult to transport locally because gas is impossible to get. Busses, cabs and cars are waiting for hours to buy fuel and there is barely enough then.